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In my old hometown

I've heard a few one liners from the White House Correspondence Dinner on Sat. and thought it was funny. I should just youtube it, but meh. I liked how Jon Stewart looked at the jokes Wanda Sykes said about Rush Limbaugh. If conservatives are all about torture, including the ludicrous water-bording, then why are they such in a twitch about her jokes. I mean, dude, Rush Limbaugh is a horrible man, mean man, and a pooh face, yup I said it, a pooh face. Her jokes were funny. Though I'm not sure anyone can touch Steven Colbert, I've only ever heard him on these dinners, but he was ha-larious.

Listening to radio sometimes gives one all sorts of stuff to ponder about, marinade upon, what have you. My favorite radio program is on Pacifica Radio, KPFK, on Sunday afternoons called Background Briefing/Live from the Left Coast with an Aussie called Ian Masters. He usually deals with foreign policy and how our leaders and military are dealing with various global situations. It puts things in perspective, gives me a real idea about what is actually going on in the world. Its left, yes, but then again so am I. Its a two hour show, but I only end up listening to the last 30mins or so, I really should just podcast it. Also, I like The Insiters, Beneath the Surface and Gustavo Arellano's show, on KPFK. They also play really good music, like every time music plays on the station.

I also, and this is weird, like listening to Michael Medvet, not because I agree with him, in the least, but because he displays quite well the conservative viewpoint. I listen to conservative radio quite often. I don't think there is a way not to be bias and neither conservative nor liberal radio should put out anything other then their perspectives. I mean Medvet is a very religiously and politically conservative Jew, meaning not only is he ideologically conservative, but Israel is very present in his views of the Middle East as well as torture and all foreign policy. You know, Israel right or wrong. I hate these points of view, he's also USA right or wrong. I don't know why I have a fascination of the conservative viewpoint, but I do. I think its because it affirms how I feel, the opposite. Maybe I needed affirmation of my liberalness after listening to KPFK, they are so much more liberal than I am. But, unlike Limabaugh or even Hannity who sensationalize Democrats and liberals, Medvet mainly gives accurate portrayals of Democrats, not ultra-liberals, but Democrats and then relates it to his conservative view. Its a very different philosophy from liberal viewpoint. Other conservatives on this radio station, KRLA, are annoying and overly blantant, but Medvet is interesting. I do end up yelling at my radio sometimes. But, I think if I didn't get frustrated in the conservative ideology I need a slap in the face because I have no intention of giving into their fear of government, public, gay, free choice and their pro-war world view.

My point in discussing talk radio was that today I was listening Bibliocracy, a show where authors and books are reviewed and discussed. (never actually had heard this particular show before) I've been reading non-fiction so much and have so much non-fiction to read once school lets out for the summer that fiction was irrelavant to me, much less new fiction. I have tons of fiction in my room, of most I have not read. And yes one day I'll get to The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, but right now I'm not interested. I want to read a book called The Poet of Baghdad. But, most of my books have been surrounding me for so long, I have no urge to read them, ironic eh?

But...on this show they discussed an author of course I'd never heard of called J Robert Lennon. http://www.jrobertlennon.com/ They discussed his fairly new book called Castle. He read a bit from it, and it sounded really interesting, I totally want to read his books now. I went to his website and of course he's got a blog, why wouldn't a writer have a blog. I'm always so jealous of writers, how they can twist a word or sentence in such a way that just wow. Russell Brand does it quite well in his memoir, James Ellroy can't not write a great sentence, and so too does Lennon, of what I heard. Anyway, even his blog was interesting so...: http://wardsix.blogspot.com/ I'd go out and buy it tomorrow, but I still have 20 more pages to write for class, and really am lost about it, overall.

You know I love LA, I do, but I have this feeling that if I don't move somewhere else I'll be stuck in a city I love with no future. I don't want to move to DC anymore. NYC seems interesting, but could present the same problem as LA, I'll love it, but will it give me anything more. I mean DC probably should be my destination. I'm half thinking of moving to Arizona to be close to my mom, but its Arizona, blech. Maybe I should just pick up and move to Souix City, Iowa, lol that'll be random. I really want to be in London.

This Thursday my dad and I are seeing a play called The Rehearsal by Jean Anouilh done by a theatre company called A Noise Within. I saw two plays by the company years ago while in community college and they were excellent so I talked my dad into seeing a show with me, paying for it really. I had to wait until I could find the tix at half price, but I think it'll be good. Backstage.com found it engaging, and satirical, which is what I wanted so good. Lets hope it really is interesting. I haven't seen a live state show in years, how sad for someone with a degree in Drama. I let my Political Science degree do all the talking. Theatre is just too expensive most the time. *humph*

Ok I saw the Obama's jokes on White House Correspondence dinner...he's funny. He's got a good writer, thats for sure.



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