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OK,My poker skills are still lacking, but I'm still having a good time.

I played a huge tournament yesterday yielding a healthy .31 cents, lol, top prize was $331. But get this 23,375 players were in the tournament. I ended up placing 1,724th because I'm far too tight a player. I really only end up playing good hands unless I'm on the tall stack then I'll call and bet too much which never gets me much money. I went all in in the end, had too I had barely any chips with my pocket 7s to the callers AQ, of which he turned a straight.

Today I played a dollar tournament which ended up having 10,970 people I placed 1,983rd. Top prize was 1,300 some odd dollars which would have been sweet to win. But, I did some stupid calls which put me in dire straights and ended up having to go all in with A 6 suited. I flopped a flush draw, but ended up losing the hand in the end.

I'm not a huge fan of large tournaments, I more like the smaller sit and gos, with 9 players up to 27. I haven't played in anything that has cost me more than $1.25 so far. When I get a better job I might put more money into the account.

I also saw (500) Days of Summer the other day. 'Its not a love story, its a story of love.' And I gotta say, it was really sweet, really good and highlights a part of LA that I don't really get down to. Downtown is pretty in most places and is really trying to grow back into a great part of the city to live. I mean its a good chunk of gentrification, but it happens. The movie though was just all around good. And the camera loved Joseph Gordon Levitt, whom I've dug since his stunt on 3rd Rock From the Sun.


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