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'Its the Things I do for you'

Still obsessed with MJ, guess I can't help it. When a genius dies, someone whose music has always made me happy, videos too, it'll effect me. Though, I don't know if anyone will affect me the way MJ did. I guess only a few celebrities whom I never met and never will, death can affect me. I've become more aware of his music, CDs I never even knew existed, such as his work with the Jacksons, which is a piece of info I actually didn't even know. I'm discovering all those things he did prior to Off The Wall because it didn't matter how old he was, he was always a genius. Needless to say, I've seen "This Is It" and I've seen it 3 times. It's stupidely good, MJ is cute, charismatic, bright, focused and just all around amazing to watch. Youtube has countless videos, interviews, the Jacksons Variety show, and performances with MJ and I've seen them all and love them, almost. I've never loved his victim mentality, he may be lonely and targeted by the media for his excentricities, but full on victim he was not. He was tortured, but I won't fully accept victim, I won't. Watching his performances, from 12 to 43 he was on fire on stage, such a brilliant sight to see. And his views on the world no matter what age, always remain the same, he believed in love...universal I think, but very potent.

I've been so sick of school that I really haven't done the work I should be doing. I thought I could take a previously written paper and pawn if off as new, but my prof sort of shot that down, the idea my previous paper took. He said he wanted more original rather than rote analysis, and I was forced to forge a new concept. Which, of course will take me more time to formulate and produce, and since I'm sick of school I haven't done a damn thing. I have 5 pages of 20 and no will to do more. I mean its interesting, and when I read the facts I need I'm fasciniated, but it doesn't mean I write to put in on paper. Its shit running for pres. especially when your the VP, but do I really want to analyze it, um...no, done, next. I mean I don't want to drop out of school, I just don't want to finish it.

Financial aid shouldn't get to me 'til Nov. 19th, 3 weeks after is was promised and 6 weeks after school started. Fuckers.

I want to see Precious and I know its pathetic, but New Moon...I revert to a 16 year old with Twilight, but I can't help it.

My new favourite decade is the 70s, from the 60s. Chalk that up to MJ.

After hearing the song 1999 so many times during the year 1999, I hated Prince. Nice of me to judge someone on one song, like judging MJ on the song 'The Girl is Mine' or 'Girlfrind'. But, I saw a performance Prince did of While my Guitar Gently Weeps, a great George Harrison song, and he made it beyond cool and way brilliant, I thought I'd give him a second change. Now, I only have Purple Rain, which aside from a few songs, is way the hell too 80s and I hate the 80s sound, I think its the music machines. But, he started in 1978 coincidentaly the same year MJ with is brothers garnered complete control of their music, and damn if Destiny isn't an amazing album, which is prior to the music machine crap that enveloped the 80s, so Prince might actually make me smile wide. And he's a music legend thats actually still alive. Stevie Wonder is another legend still alive I can see in concert, if I decide to pay an obsene amount of money to see these people that is. Thats why I haven't seen big concerts, way the crap too expensive, mofos.

It's interesting, this guy at work informed me that despite not actually knowing Micheal Jackson himself, that MJ hated being black and thats just unforgivable...and all I thought about was I hate being white. Black people bring culture to America I thought, MJ refused to let go of his roots despite his color change (which I believe was because he had vitiligo and was too freaked out by it to admit it) and whether or not one wants to believe he hated being black, he never stopped being black. He was a strange cat, very strange, but I love him and will always kick myself in the shin for not demanding to see him in concert, I failed. But, like all the other great artists I was too young to see or not even alive, I have the beauty of film to show me what I failed or just plain missed. We are a conformist society though we'll never admit it, and that's just kind of annoying.

Which reminds me, Obama is not liberal enough for me. Healthcare passed Congress, but is yet to be voted on my the Senate, and it better pass with the public option in tact, no really, it better not be more compromised. We're still in Iraq and Afghanistan and there is no need to be, especially Iraq. Afghanistan was something to ponder for a bit, but ponderance over lets get out. No need to waste soldiers lives for a war with no win, despite what conservatives may think. Democrats are a spending party, nothing new there, and Keynes is our economic man...bye bye defunct Friedman.

Top 5 favorite songs, currently always changing:

1. Stand By Me by Ben E. King
2. Dance to the Music by Sly and the Family Stone
3. Thriller by Michael Jackson
4. I Want You (She's so Heavy) by the Beatles
5. Red House by Jimi Hendrix

Rolling Stone put the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as number 1 of all greatest albums...I disagree, great way to start of list of 500 huh. Abbey Road is way better, its all based on aesthetics I think. Who can put an actual currency on taste, a number on like, a judgement on feeling. Changes with each new person.

Top 5 favorite Movies, currently:
1. Almost Famous
2. Godfather I
3. Godfather II
4. Ed Wood
5. Sunset Blvd.
Though 'This Is It' is now in the top 10. MJ's Thriller is my favourite music video, but then again, how many people can say it isn't the best music video out there.

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